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The Hashtag

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

The Traveller

It was a hashtag I created 2 years ago as I traveled back to Germany. A long-awaited trip ever since I ended my exchange year there in 2010. I visited my host family, the city where I stayed, the path where I used to walk along and spoke the language that was once foreign but now more than familiar to me.

I started doing photowalks with my camera in that exchange year, before that I shot only on occasions. Photowalks have since then been discovered as a way-out for me. Whenever I need to refresh or clear my mind off stress or simply want to stay outdoors, I go for a photowalk. Photographing has inherently become an integral part of my routine, just as breathing is to staying alive. Later discovered, it is also the wandering stage of mind that I enjoy diving into.

It is perhaps wanderlust that drags me into photographing and wandering on the streets, regardless of the locations, is the antidote to my everlasting will to stay free and out of confinements.


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