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About Cherry L.

Born in Hong Kong. Currently based in the UK.

Photographer at Ménos. Mostly analogue.

Black & white films and prints self processed.

Darkroom prints available.

Digital prints for sale are available here.P

Published features

Shoot-off competition (Year III 2018)

Ménos <Prologue: Hong Kong Street>

Wassuprockers Issue 2 Magazine

BeingHongKong 014/2022 Spring Edition

Digital features

Finalist, NYC Exhibition of 24 Hour Project 2019 (23 Jul - 4 Aug 2019, NYC)

香港自由之夏影像展 (Aug 2019, Taiwan)

Hong Kong Awakening (6 - 8 Sep 2019, Tokyo)

<Prologue: Hong Kong Street> Exhibition (5 Dec 2019 - 19 Jan 2020, Hong Kong)

<< 香港 時代革命 2019-2020>>  (7-9 Feb 2020, Osaka)

<< 香港 時代革命 2019-2020>> (11, 15-16 Feb 2020, Tokyo)

Digital Exhibition of 24 Hour Project 2019 (22 Feb - 22 Apr 2020, Chiapas Mexico)



It is perhaps wanderlust that drags me into photographing and wandering on the streets, regardless of the locations, is the antidote to my everlasting will to stay free and out of confinements.

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