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Merry-go-round: we all get back to the start at some moments

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

A question came randomly into the mind: Does riding on a carousel have any similarity to life?

Life is not a circular moment, for the first hint. Life goes forwards with time, it never goes backwards. Time can’t be turned back once it’s passed. It may seem the ride on a merry-go-round never ends as it has no endpoint after all. Time, nevertheless, has passed as the carousel spins.

On a carousel, you always view the scene over and over again as you circle around. But life can bring you to anywhere, whether it’s expected or unexpected. You don’t anticipate getting new insight on the carousel either as there should be no novel stimulants, at least what I thought. Embracing the unexpected is always a lifelong lesson life brings to you.

We, though, at some points in life have to always come back to the start, where everything has to begin from scratch. It could be a new project, new job, new relationship or working on missed opportunities. We pick up the pieces of ourselves we have left from each previous turn to move on and from that start on, each turn of ride is different.



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